Polyurethane Lifting Foam

For All Your Slab Repairs

Polyurethane Lifting Foam is a wonderful solution for slab repairs or concrete repairs. It is used to gently lift concrete areas, such as: sidewalks, driveways, porches, and slabs. Polyurethane Lifting Foam is a cost-effective and efficient way to fix these common problems.

How It Works

First, we drill small holes in the slab causing minimal damage to the affected area. Then the Polyurethane Lifting Foam is injected as a liquid through the holes. It then expands causing the affected area to lift and stabilize. After leveling the area, the injection ports (small holes) are then patched with mortar

When doors or windows stick…when large gaps appear in door and window frames…when cracks appear in your foundation walls…when floors settle…you need Perma-Jack.

Polyurethane Lifting Foam

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