Tulsa Interior Slab Repairs

For Residential or Commercial

Our Interior Steel Piers are a great way to lift and stabilize the concrete slab inside of your house. They are also used to prevent further damage and add to the integrity of your home.

Signs indicating that repairs may be needed:

  • Floor separating from the wall
  • Wall separating from the ceiling
  • Vertical cracks in the walls
  • Windows that are hard to open and close
  • Doors that stick, rub or that won’t close tightly

How we fix these issues in your home

First, we core a 5 inch hole in the slab, then we hand core about 4 feet down to check for water/electric lines, etc.. We then mount a bracket above and below the slab in order to drive the steel pier into bedrock or equal load bearing strata. Once all the piers are driven we then perform a final leveling lift and secure the piers to the brackets. After everything is done, we then fill all the holes with mortar to match the level of the slab.

Tulsa Interior Slab Repairs

Interior Piering

Tulsa Interior Slab Repairs
Tulsa Interior Slab Repairs

Slab Stitching

Tulsa Interior Slab Repairs

Don’t let the structure of your house deteriorate

The interior slab for your home or business is integral to the overall foundation of the building. You can count on us to provide you with complete interior slab repair, and make sure your building is on solid footing!

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